Winchester Place Names & Archives
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   Houses of Worship
   Middlesex Canal
   National Register of Historic Places
    Railroads & Trolleys

*** A - Z ***
  Abbott Spring - John Abbott Spring
  Aberjona - Washington channel
  Aberjona River & Aberjona Pond
  Abijah Thompson House
  Albert Ayer House
  Alfred Vinton House
  Ambrose Elementary School
  American Legion
  Amy B. Mitchell House
  Andrews Hill
  Anti-Friction Bearing Company
  Arthur H. Russell House
  Asa Locke House
  Atlantic Gelatin
  B&M Engine at Station
  Bacon Bridge
  Bacon Field
  Beggs & Cobb Tanneries
  Belknap Mills
  Bellino Park - Joseph M. Bellino Park
  Black Ball Pond
  Black Horse Tavern
  Black Horse Village
  Blank Brothers Tannery
  Blind Bridge
  Boat Club
  Borggaard Beach
  Brooks Parkhurst Town Forest
  Calumet Club
  Capt. Josiah Locke House
  Carr-Jeeves House
  Center Falls Dam
  Chane Square
  Chapin School
  Charles Russell House
  Charlestown Village
  Chefalo Park - Harry E. Chefalo Park
  Children’s Own School
  Church & Lane
  Ciarcia Field - John H.
  Civil War Memorial
  Cold Bridge
  Cole House
  Colucci Square
  Converse Bridge
  Converse Bridge
  Converse-Richardson-Whitney Mill
  Country Club
  Cowdery, Cobb & Nichols
  Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church
  Cutter Mill
  Cutter Pond & Cutter Brook
  Cutter Village
  Cutting House
  Davidson Park
  Deacon John Symmes House
  DeRochmont House
  Dike-Orne House
  Doherty Apartments
  Eastern Felt Co.
  Echo Lake
  Edmund Dwight House
  Edmund Parker Jr. House
  Edward A. Brackett House
  Edward Braddock House
  Edward Gardner House
  Edward Sullivan House
  Elks Lodge 1445 - Winchester
  Elliott Park
  Emerson Coal and Wood Yard
  Episcopalian Church of the Epiphany
  Everett Avenue–Sheffield Road Historic District
  Everett Heights
  First Baptist Church
  First Church of Christ Scientist
  First Congregational Church
  Firth–Glengarry Historic District
  Frattaroli Pride Park
  George Brine House
  George Wyman House
  Ginn Carriage House
  Ginn Field
  Ginn Gardener’s House
  Glen Green
  Haggerty, William P. Entrance
  Harrison Parker Sr. House
  Henry Grover House
  Highland Bethany Society
  Highland Playground
  Highland School
  Highlands Station
  Hope Christian Church
  Horace Hatch House
  Horn Pond Brook
  Horn Square - John T. Horn
  Hovey-Winn House
  Hutchinson Machine Company
  Hutchinson-Blood House
  Increase Nowell’s Farm
  Independent Order of Odd Fellows
  International Cooperage
  Jacob Stanton House
  James H. Mann House
  Jenks Senior Center
  John Harvard’s Land
  John Mason House
  Johns Baseball Diamond
  Johnson-Thompson House
  Joseph Remick House
  Judkins Pond
  Kenelum Baker House
  Knights of Columbus
  Knowlton Stadium
  Leonard Field
  Leonard Pond
  Lincoln Elementary School
  Lincoln School 1st
  Long Pond
  Loring Avenue Playground
  Louis N. Maxwell House
  Lynch Elementary School
  Manchester Field
  Marion Car Shop
  Marshall Symmes House
  Marshall Symmes Tenant House
  Marshall W. Jones House
  Marycliff Academy
  Maurer Auditorium
  Maxwell Tannery - Whitten Gelatin
  McCall Middle School
  McDonald Field
  McDonough Square
  McKay Metallic Fastener
  McLatchy Patent Leather
  Meyer Brook - Herbert Meyer Brook
  Middlesex Canal
  Middlesex Canal - Gardner Locks
  Middlesex Canal - Hollis Lock
  Middlesex Canal - Huffmasters Bridge
  Middlesex Canal - Route Path
  Middlesex Canal - Symmes Aqueduct
  Middlesex Canal - Toll House
  Middlesex Canal Historic District
  Middlesex Fells Reservation Parkways
  Mill Pond
  Moore House
  Mount Pisgah
  Mullen Playground - Herbert Stanley
  Muraco Elementary School
  Murphy Apartments
  Myopia Hill
  Mystic Lakes
  Mystic School
  Mystic Station
  Mystic Valley Parkway
  New Freight Yard
  New Freight Yard - 1939
  New Hope Baptist Church
  Noonan School
  Nutile Field - Robert J. Nutile Field
  O. W. Gardner House
  O’Connell Plaza
  Oak Knoll
  Old Freight Yard
  Old Freight Yard 1899-1939
  Old Gifford School
  Packer-Ellis Tennis Courts
  Palmer Beach
  Palmer Street Playground
  Parker and Lane
  Parker House
  Parkhurst Elementary School
  Patience and Sarah Gardner House
  Philemon Wright/Asa Locke Farm
  Pond Plain
  Pressey-Eustis House
  Prince School
  Public Library
  Puffer Manufacturing
  Quill Circle - Henry F. Quill Circle
  Railroad signal station tower
  Richardson Corn Mill
  Robert Bacon House
  Rotary Club of Winchester
  Rumford School
  Russell Brook
  S. B. White House
  Sabena Flight 548
  Sachem Swamp
  Saint Eulalia’s Church
  Saint Mary’s Church
  Saltmarsh Common
  Samuel Elder House
  Sanborn House
  Sanborn House
  Sandy’s Island
  Saraco Way - Michael D. Saraco Way
  Sawmill Brook
  Seal of Winchester
  Second Baptist Church
  Second Congregational Church
  Shannon Memorial Beach
  Sharon House
  Shore Road Field
  Shuh-Shuh-Gah Canoe Club
  Signal Tower
  Site of First Winchester House
  Skillings Estate House
  Skillings Field
  Smith Pond
  Snug Gables
  South Woburn
  Spring Pond
  Squaw Sachem Brook
  Squaw Sachem Reservation
  Squaw Sachem Spring
  St. Mary’s Catholic Church
  St. Mary’s School
  Stanton Plot
  Stanton’s Pond
  Sucker Brook
  Swanton Street Bridge
  Swanton Street Park
  Swartz Facility
  Swim & Tennis Club
  Symmes Corner
  Symmes Farm
  Symmes River
  Symmes-Bacon Mills
  Temple Shir Tikvah
  The Immaculate Conception Parish
  The North End
  The Plains
  The Unitarian Society
  Thomas Ayer House
  Thompson-Waldmyer Tanneries
  Town Common
  Town Hall
  Trolley from Winchester to Boston
  Trolley to Stoneham
  Trowbridge-Badger House
  Turkey Hill
  Turkey Swamp
  United States Post Office - Winchester Main
  Veterans of Foreign Wars
  Vinson-Owen Elementary School
  Wadleigh Park
  Wadleigh School
  War Monument
  Washington School
  Waterfield Bridge
  Waterfield Bridge
  Webster Childs House
  Wedge Pond
  Wedgemere Historic District
  Wedgemere Station
  Wildwood Cemetery
  Wildwood Square
  William Simonds House
  Willow River
  Winchester Brick Company
  Winchester Center
  Winchester Center Historic District
  Winchester High School
  Winchester Hospital
  Winchester Laundries
  Winchester Savings Bank
  Winchester Station
  Winchester Tennis Club
  Winchester Town Common
  Winn Square
  Winn Watch Hand Factory
  Winter Pond
  Woburn Loop
  Wright-Locke Farm
  Wright-Locke Farm
  Wrights Corner
  Wyman Plains
  Wyman School 1st
  Wyman School 2nd
  Wyman School 3rd
  Zachariah Richardson House
  Zions Hill

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